What is ADFS and Use Case to demonstrate ADFS

Remember this point: All the attributes in ADFS is called claims

Now what is ADFS Claim based identity ?

A user approaching to open cloud-based application will eventually be seeking authentication via ADFS then ADFS gets itself authenticated with the help of AD at the backend and it gives back required or customized response as per the application needs and this acknowledgment of claims from ADFS is not thing token’s in other words.

We can easily understand ADFS ENDPOINTS with this simple diagram

Use case :

Step 1

To install the SAML SSO for confluence plugin in confluence and configure it

Now back to the plugin configuration we have to load the IDP metadata

Now we are going to test by entering into the plugin configuration and it will redirect into ADFS and we are also going to enable single sign-on as well.

Hence by this, we have achieved in setting up Confluence SAML SSO plugin authenticating against ADFS.



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